We just returned from Villa Vidorra. I travelled with my husband, daughter, son in law, their two children (aged 2 and 4), and two girl friends. Upon arrival, we were met by the Villa owners. They explained all the comforts available, and introduced us to the staff. During our stay, we were fortunate to have a group of five wonderful professional people there to make our stay perfect in every way. There was the chef, Manuel (a real chef, not just a cook), an assistant chef, a bartender Luis (who did all sorts of things, not just prepare drinks), a gardener/handyman, Ricardo, and his wife, Susie, the housekeeper. I can not emphasize enough, how terrific the staff was, and how they worked twelve hours a day to make our stay memorable. First, the food they prepared was fresh, fabulous, and beautifully presented. The breakfast fruit platter was a work of art, and our cameras were always brought out to record their beauty. Every evening after dinner, I would meet with Manuel to pay for the food, we had eaten that day, and plan the menus for the next. One thing the staff did at Villa Vidorra, which I never had the luxury of before, is they did all the food shopping, and brought fresh provisions daily. This saved valuable vacation time, because we did not have to go to the grocery. In retrospect, I wish I would have asked Manuel to prepare fish every night. He made the best lightest fish dishes I have ever enjoyed. Manuel's uncle is a fisherman, and when we wanted lobster for dinner, I gave Manuel two day's notice, and his uncle provided. Not inexpensive, but definitely worth it. There was always fresh guacamole, a variety of salsas, and homemade tortillas chips. Oh, lest I forget, the cerviche is a must. We had it twice for a light lunch. Our little grandchildren will eat almost everything. But, sometimes, they made them a special dish, like a quesadilla, if they thought the adult food might be pushing the kids. Speaking of the children, every morning around eleven, they would ask Luis for their snack, a virgin pina colada. He would make two little glasses, and they would feel so very special. If they asked before eleven, he would tell them, they had to drink water, till eleven. The staff were all wonderful with the children, and seemed to sincerely enjoy having them there. The staff arrives around 7:30, and leave after dinner, around seven. I wish we could have eaten a little later, but I can understand, that is a long day for them, and would like a little time with their families. Villa Vidorra is exactly as pictured. It was extremely hot while we were there, and only the bedrooms are air conditioned. This is universal, in Mexican rental homes. I do wish there had been more and stronger fans. However, it is not a problem in cooler months, when the cool breeze blows through the doors and windows. The upside of the weather was that the pool, and ocean, were warm, and easily enjoyed. Seaweed. The Mexican coast has been inundated with seaweed. We would use the path to go into the ocean to snorkel or float. The Bay, in front of the Villa, is very shallow, and it is easy for everyone to walk into the sea. As has been mentioned in prior reviews, it is good to take water shoes, to avoid stepping on uncomfortable coral. Extras__We had massages while we stayed, and they were done in the upstairs area, where you could feel the ocean breezes, and hear the birds and waves, heavenly. My daughter went on a two tank dive, where she had a private dive master, and thoroughly enjoyed. My two friends went on a tour, arranged through the homeowner, to the Coba ruins, and were very pleased. Sometimes, we asked Susie to wash some clothes, which she gathered in the morning, and returned in the afternoon. BTW, all you need to pack are shorts, shirts, flip flops, water shoes, and bathing suits. Every one was reluctant to leave the fabulous home, so, for the most part, we didn't. I am so glad we did not go out to eat. I am sure Manuel's cooking would surpass any other options. Villa Vidorra is such an incredible experience, we wanted to enjoy every moment there.

The Stray's Memphis, Tennesee