You can read over and over about how great everything is at Villa Vidorra, and all of those reviews are accurate. The villa is amazing, the pool area is amazing, the "jungle" area is amazing, the beach is great for relaxing and for kids to dig and play in the sand. We traveled with eight adults and four kids, ages ranging from 20 months to 64 years old. Everyone had a wonderful experience. I believe the key to Villa Vidorra's charm is not the Villa but the people inside. Manuel is a great chef providing memorable dishes. His secret "orange" salsa blew us away. It became known as "awesome sauce" at the table, as in "pass the awesome sauce, please" and "this tastes amazing without the awesome sauce, but i put some on anyway". He broke out his "go to" specialities like chicken mole, chilequles, and the lobsters bigger than your head. The food was much better than I expected. Louis the bartender is a master of his craft. It took him one day to figure out everyone's favorite beverage, after that point they would just "appear" out of no where. The rest of the staff were all very accommodating and helpful. The owner stopped by numerous times to check on things and he even took my son and I to the hospital in Tulum after my son experienced an ear infection from snorkeling. I can't say enough about the people at Villa Vidorra. Here are some tips that we learned that may improve your overall stay (if that is even possible). We hit Akumal for snorkeling with a guide and while we did see many turtles, squid, stingrays and fish I found the reef outside Villa Vidorra to be way better and the water was much much clearer than Akumal. We saw stingrays, octopus, and many different beautiful fish right outside our back door. The only thing missing were the turtles, but we spent hours snorkeling at the Villa. We hit two different cenotes including the famous "dos ojos". I found that cenote to be more "scuba" than snorkel. It was nice but definitely more for scuba. We hired a nanny from tulum to help with the kiddos and she was simply amazing. I will provide contact info if anyone is looking for a nanny. We had yoga class each morning in the front yard. It was a great way to start each day and the instructor was great. This was the third Villa in Mexico that we have rented and it was the best in every way. I tend to avoid returning to the same place twice due to the belief that there are so many different places I want to explore but Villa Vidorra is so good I may break that rule. Thank you Chris, Chuck, Barbara, Manuel, Louis, and everyone else for a fantastic trip.

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